Ideas for Displaying Your Photos

So you’ve had your photo session, purchased your digital images and although you may be interested in ordering prints, you are stuck…..stuck wondering how to display your lovely images.  Sound familiar?

I completely understand that going through your gallery of images and trying to figure out what to print and in what format can be somewhat overwhelming.  But I am here to help!  These days there are so many great print options, from standout mounts to metal prints, stretched canvas to framed prints, there is no reason that those photos should sit on your computer.   You need to deck the walls!

So here you go, a behind the scenes look at my house and how I’ve displayed my photos.  As you can see, my kids faces are scattered throughout my house and I LOVE it.  I’m a photographer and their mother, so it was bound to happen!

First up, my front room.  In this photo, you’ll see some metal prints (8×10)  on the left hand side and traditional paper prints (8×10) framed in frames I picked up at Michael’s on the right.  My idea with the framed photos was to keep adding one each year…..I must fess up…..I’m behind a year.   Oh and I think it is ok to mix and match the style of framing as long as the grouping is the same.

photo display ideasIn this room, I also have one of my favorite photos taken from our trip to Europe last summer hanging on the wall.  It is a 16×24 stretched canvas taken from the Musee D’Orsay…did you notice I have a thing for vintage typewriters?  

In my dining room, above the sideboard, I printed 3 similar 8×10 photos (which are not of my kids) and framed them in very cool 16×16 square frames that I picked up at Aaron Brothers.   I love how they look grouped together.  Imagine using 3 similar photos of your child grouped like this!

ideas for displaying your photos

Standout mounts are one of my favorite ways to display photos.  They are lightweight, easy to hang and stand out (hence the name) 3/4″ from the wall (I have these hung using velcro mounts from 3M).  I love that they are frameless and have a modern yet traditional look.  The grouping on the left contains one 16×20 and (4) 8×10 photos and the group on the right  is (2) 16×20 with (2) 11×14 standout mounts in the middle.  Actually the bottom 16×20 is a stretched canvas but it matched the theme so well that I didn’t mind it being different. 

ideas for displaying your photosAnd lastly, I have this set of 16×20 canvas wrapped photos in our family room.  These are some of my favorite photos from our trip to Europe.  As you can see another great option to consider when you can’t decide on what photos to use is to order a collage print (oh and don’t you just love the basket of video controllers?….just keepin’ it real).

ideas for displaying photos

I hope these photos gave you some ideas of what we can do at your home with your beautiful images.  Let’s get together soon and get those photos off your computer and on your wall!  I’m happy to bring over these samples and play around with ideas and help you create the perfect collection for your home.



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