Tips on What to Wear

I am often asked for advice on what to wear for photo sessions.  I know it can be stressful but it really needn’t be.

In the past,  white shirts and jeans/khakis on everyone or everyone wearing the same color  was a big trend.  While that might be easy to coordinate it tends to make everyone blend together and there isn’t really a WOW factor. These days color is very popular and there are so many great color combinations that look great together!

I love seeing my clients in coordinating colors.  Think coordinate and complement vs match.  The key is staying in the same tone and using patterns sparingly (yes, patterns are great!).  My go to tip is to have one person wear a print or pattern (maybe a floral on sister or plaid on brother) and then pull colors from that piece for the rest of the family members.  The idea is to have one central piece.

Here are just a few other ideas to keep in mind when planning your outfits…..

  1. Be timeless.  Try to pick outfits that are not too trendy.
  2. No logos or large graphics…these tend to distract from your lovely face and we don’t want to be walking advertisements.  🙂
  3. Layer…have a sweater or scarf to add a bit of “texture” to your images as well as variety.
  4. Accessorize to add color and interest but don’t let them overwhelm the outfit.  We don’t want that HUGE chunky necklace to be the center of attention.  Again, think complement.  Headbands, scarves, cardigans, belts are all great ways to add a little extra pop.
  5. Mix it up.  Don’t have everyone wearing the same color on the top and bottom..i.e. all the boys wearing light blue and girls wearing yellow.  Mix it up in order to stay away from that “matchy-matchy” look.
  6. Dress comfortably.…don’t make your little ones wear clothing that they can’t move around in or that they are uncomfortable wearing.  We want them to be able to move around freely and be happy not grouchy or miserable.
  7. Patterns are great.  As I mentioned above, patterns and prints are terrific as they can be the foundation from which you pull other colors for family members.  Think plaids, polka dots, florals, stripes.
  8. Dress for the season and location.  Think about the setting for your photo shoot and try to put together a wardrobe that complements that location and the surroundings. Sandals and sundresses are a no brainer for the beach, jeans and and those awesome boots you just had to have are perfect for an urban setting, and Chuck Taylors and shorts or a cute skirt go hand and hand with the park.
  9. Bring that special something.  If your child has a favorite pair of shoes or a beloved stuffed bear or book bring it.  These little “must haves” are great ways to capture your child’s personalities and who they are right now.
  10. Plan ahead. You don’t want to be running around frantically trying to find the “right” clothes.  Look in your closet first and see what you have that might work.  Maybe there are some pieces that you can build off of.  If not, shopping is always fun when you have an idea of what you are looking for.

You can check out my Pinterest board for more great styles (you gotta love Pinterest!).  There are so many terrific color combinations……purple/navy, green/brown, yellow/gray, olive/navy, coral/turquoise, navy/khaki/yellow…I think you’ll find it hard to decide and it might inspire you to go shopping!

And as always, please feel free to give me a ring if you need a little help planning your wardrobe for your photo shoot.  I’m happy to make suggestions and help you plan the perfect outfits…..(plus I love to shop!).



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Get monthly tips and inspiration.