10 on 10 May | Our Trip to South Africa

Last week my husband and I went on a dream vacation to South Africa.  It was a company reward trip that he earned (lucky for me) and we had the pleasure of spending a week in this beautiful country.  We were in Cape Town for the first 3 days of our trip and then spent the latter half at the Kapama Private Game Reserve.   As you can imagine I came home with 1,000+ photos.  I have so many images to go through between the three cameras that I had with me (my iPhone, Sony RX100 III and Canon DSLR) and I must admit it is a bit overwhelming.

For my 10 on 10 post, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from our safari portion of our trip.  I plan on adding a few more posts to my blog about this amazing adventure, so feel free to check back.  There is just too much to share! After you’ve checked out my safari images, please pop by Jen’s blog to see her beautiful images of Australia.

Our mode of transportation on the reserve.

I love zebras.  I love the contrast of their stripes and how they pop against the background.

A lazy rhino.  He was just hanging out in this watering hole.

We were so close to this big kitty.  Our guide said he was full from his buffalo kill and that he wouldn’t move but I was still a bit nervous.

Zebra head shot.

These black faced monkeys reminded me of cats.  They were playing in the grass, tackling each other and jumping all around.  They were so cute.

This wildebeest was hanging out with some friends.  They are an interesting looking animal, aren’t they.

This was the best shot I got of a hippo.  This guy would not come out of the water.  He was just hanging peering over the water’s edge.

The Cape Buffalo is an unpredictable animal.  Our guide said of all the animal’s in the bush, this is the one he fears the most.

It can seem fine one minute and then charge the next.  Needless to say I was happy to move along.

I’m not sure if I like giraffes or zebras more.  The giraffes are so graceful and beautiful.  Did you know that each giraffe has it’s own individual pattern?  Kind of like a fingerprint.

Another wildebeest.

This heard of rescued elephants was a highlight of the trip.  Watching them walk out at sunset was amazing and super picturesque.

Leopards are one of the most difficult animals to spot (no pun intended) while on safari.  They are very elusive.  This is the only leopard that we saw.  It was at night and we think it was hiding from another predator.  It’s face is hidden behind the tree.  But at least I am able to say that I saw the Big 5.

This jackal was hanging out near the lions.  The lions had killed a Cape Buffalo and the jackals were waiting for the scraps.

Another satiated lion. Or that’s what we were told.  Once again, I was happy to move along once I got my photo.

We came upon this mama elephant and her baby.  She walked very close to our truck which was a bit nerve-racking.  But I love this close up shot of her.

More giraffes grazing on Acacia trees.

Are you looking at me?


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