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A Few Thoughts On Community

Community….it is something we all seek isn’t it? We all want to connect with others who share our interests and passions, hopes and dreams. For those of you who love photography and are looking for a place to nurture your creative soul, I encourage you to check out Shutter Sisters.

Shutter Sisters began in 2008 as a collaborative photo blog and it quickly grew into a place for inspiration, connection and sisterhood.  I stumbled upon it several years ago and have been a regular visitor to this site ever since.  Yes, I am a Shutter Sister.

This global community, founded by the amazing Tracey Clark, has made a huge impact on my photography…helping me to grow and evolve as a photographer.  Not only has my photography blossomed because of this inspiring site, but I have also had the pleasure of meeting fabulous women who are kindred spirits. These connections not only exist online but also in real life due to retreats I have attended including Camp Shutter Sisters and Shutter Sister Oasis as well as regular photo walks with Bay Area Shutter Sisters.

The women I have met have become true friends. They are the people I share a lunch with or a cup of coffee to discuss photography dreams and goals. They are the ones I call when I need to obsess over an upcoming photography shoot or project.  They are the friends I text when I need quick photo advice.  They are fellow photographers who offer never-ending support and always cheer me on.  All this goodness because one day I came across a warm and welcoming website that celebrated my love of photography.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being featured on the Shutter Sister’s Hello Series on Instagram.  I was truly surprised and so incredibly happy to see a selection of my images chosen to be a part of this series.  It made my day (actually I’m still on cloud 9) to see my images highlighted in this community that I treasure and admire so much.

I guess the point of my post is to encourage you to seek out a community that shares your interests…whatever they may be.  For you never know who you will meet, the friendships that will develop, the places you will go and how you will grow until you take that step.



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  • Beautiful post Kristina, you expressed my feelings perfectly about the power of community in general, and the amazing Shutter Sisters community specifically. xoxoReplyCancel