14 in 2014 and my One Little Word

I’m joining in on Kim Klassen’s 14 in 2014 prompt.  I think it is such a great idea to set 14 intentions for 2014, but coming up with my list was a bit harder than I anticipated. Anyway, here you go…..

14 for 2014

    1. Find volunteer opportunities that my family can do together.  Try to do this at least once every 3 months.
    2. Read more books…consistently.  I either read 3 books a month or go 3 months without reading a book.
    3. Use my big girl camera more to document my days.  I tend to rely heavily on my iPhone….not that there is anything wrong with that.
    4. Trust my instincts and be confident in the decisions I make. I second guess myself, A LOT.
    5. Stay on track with my photography projects.  Case in point, I am WAAAAY behind on my Beyond Beyond Project (my online photo class).
    6. Carve out more time in my week to shoot just because shots…you know those photos where you fiddle around with vases and flowers for hours?
    7. Exercise more…I know many of us say this…but it is easy to let it slip.  And I’m hoping my new Fitbit keeps me motivated.  Wanna be Fitbit friends???
    8. Plan a girls’ weekend away with my college besties.  We did this a few several years ago for our 40th birthdays and it has been too long…oh wait, I’m giving away my age.
    9. Explore more of the West Coast.  I’ve lived here for 20+ years and have never been to Oregon….I think it is time.
    10. Go to dinner in San Francisco more.  I lived in that amazing city for 15 years and when we moved to the burbs we vowed that we would head to the city regularly….we need to make that happen.
    11. Take more walks on the beach.  I know, I’m spoiled.  I live 45 minutes from SF and 40 minutes from Santa Cruz.  I have so much beauty to enjoy just minutes away.
    12. Go on a photography retreat.  I attended both Camp Shutter Sisters and Shutter Sisters Oasis and being with kindred spirits truly inspired and nourished my soul.
    13. Take more photo walks or maybe a weekend???? with my local Shutter Sister friends (and meet new ones).
    14. Remember and practice my One Little Word.  Last year I chose the word Nurture and would you believe I had to dig through my files to remember what it was when trying to decide this year’s word? As it turns out, even though I forgot the word it really showed up in my life this past year. I had two friends pass away this fall (which I still find hard to believe and my heart aches) and I hope that I in some small way I have helped nurture (and I will continue to do so) those that were left behind.  I also had a child who needed some extra TLC….I vacationed with my family in April which nurtured my spirit….and in December I flew back for my grandmother’s 90th birthday and being around all of my extended family was fantastic and after a tough fall there was nothing better than being at home.  I could provide you with more examples of how this word showed up for me in 2013 even though I forgot about it…but I’ll save that for another post.  Anyway, this year I chose the word ENJOY… in Enjoy the time I have with my son who will be a Senior this fall….Enjoy my family as a whole…..Enjoy my love of photography…..Enjoy my friends….Enjoy the beauty that is around me….Enjoy the moment for you really do not know how much time you have and most importantly….Enjoy the ride.



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