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My Poor Lulu | April 10 on 10

This past week has been a bit crazy and unfortunately I won’t have time to do a proper 10 on 10 post.  My dog was attacked last week while on a walk on our neighborhood trail.  She was on her leash and unfortunately the other dog was not.   She sustained numerous puncture wounds and a dislocated hip (I have 4 stitches in my pinky and a fractured pinky).

It is amazing how much these furry friends get into your hearts and minds.  We love our sweet girl and it is heartbreaking to see her in pain.  She is usually a super active dog…she loves to swim in our pool and go on runs with my husband despite being 8 years old.

Today she is having surgery to reset the bone into her hip socket and get her back to her usual spunky self.  So in lieu of 10 photos, I only have this picture of my sweet dog taken last week while she was resting up before her surgery…sigh.

Please follow along in our blog circle starting with the always lovely images from Luciane.

  • Im so sorry to hear that Kristina. I hope she will have a speedy recovery. I love this photo of her. How are you doing?ReplyCancel

  • Oh no! That’s terrible! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!ReplyCancel

  • Sruba

    So sorry . I hope she has a successful surgery and is back to being herself very soon. ReplyCancel

  • Luciane

    Hope the surgery went well and your dog is fully recovered by now. And so your pinky. 
    It is a sweet picture of her ReplyCancel