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10 on 10-August

This month I ended up shooting my 10 on 10 project strictly with my iPhone.  We had a busy day and I just didn’t feel like dragging around my big girl camera.  While these photos may not technically be my best, they do capture a day full of fun events and treasured memories.

My day started out with a little One Direction!  No, not the concert but the yet to be released One Direction–This Is Us movie.  As a blogger, I sometimes get invited to movie screenings and this was one of them (and yes, it made my daughter extremely happy).    So a group of us got together with our daughters and headed out to a 10 a.m. showing and I have to say, I give the movie a big thumbs up.  Those boys are such cutie pies and they really can sing well.  I have a better understanding as to why my daughter is such a big fan.

one direction this is us

After the movie, I came home and got ready for a BBQ that we were hosting.  I made s super yummy corn and tomato salad as a side dish and I thought the colors of the dish were worthy of a photo.  I tried to don my best Martha Stewart hat and create a festive table for our dinner.   I love putting together little vases of flowers from my garden, so simple yet pretty.

flowers-festive table setting

Our day ended with my kids enjoying a late night swim.  It is rare that I see all four of them together these days.  They are growing up so fast.

kids swimming

Oh and yes, we did a good job on the Sangria!

So now that you saw my day, follow the circle to see the awesome photos of my fabulous photographer friends, starting with Stephanie Marie Photographie.