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The Making of a Holiday Card | December 10 on 10

It is that time of year once again.  The dress your kids in coordinating outfits and hopefully capture a few photo worthy images for your holiday card, time of year.  You’d think that as your kids get older it would get easier.  But it doesn’t.  While the days of hearding cats are gone, we’ve entered a new era of groans and eye rolls.

During Thanksgiving break, while our oldest was home from college, I pitched the idea of a photo shoot to my kids and was surprised when they all agreed to go along with my plan.  After getting dressed in their new duds fresh from Old Navy (I love that store), we piled in my car and drove 5 minutes to our local park.

However, like two year olds, they only were interested for so long (15 minutes) and I ended up having to bribe them with a trip to Starbucks (some things never change).  While I’m not sure they would actually admit that they had a good time,  I think from the photos I captured they actually did.

This is my last 10 on 10 post for 2016.  I’ve so enjoyed being a part of this blog circle and getting to know my fellow contributors through their images.  Please pop on over to see Kathleen’s post.  Her photos are always gorgeous.




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  • Hi Kristina, what lovely pictures of your beautiful children. And I totally agree with you, it seems they had a great time. And sometimes 15 minutes is all we need to capture the most stunning images. I wish you all the best for the holiday season, and look forward to see more stunning pictures from you in the new year <3 Love from Trini in NorwayReplyCancel