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March 10 on 10–Visit with My Parents to Carmel and San Francisco

Last month my parents were out for a visit.  Unfortunately it rained nearly the entire 10 days.  My parents didn’t mind though.  They were happy to hang out with us and (lucky for me) do projects around my house. My dad is Mr. Fixit and did a all kinds of helpful things like power wash my patio, clean my gutters, and fix the broken hatch on my car. I don’t even have to ask, he just finds things.  My mom is no slouch either.  She painted my chandelier, made a curtain for my bathroom, baked delicious oatmeal raisin cookies and taught my friends and I how to make Bavarian style pretzels.

We did manage to have a couple breaks in the weather and did a day trip South to Carmel and later in the week a trip up to San Francisco.  I felt guilty having them only do projects around my house and thought we should spend a couple of days playing tourist.  🙂  Here are a few photos from our two excursions.  As always, we all had a great time with my folks.  They are some of the best parents and grandparents around and I thank my lucky stars every day to have them in my life.  After you’ve checked out my photos, please go through our blog circle and visit Jen’s blog  to see her beautiful photos of some cool neighborhoods in San Francisco.

  • kim

    Hi Kristina!  Lovely photos!   Will your parents adopt me?  🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    I love the shots of Chinatown! So cool. ReplyCancel

  • I look forward to know what plans you are modifyingReplyCancel

  • I’m glad you got a good day to go exploring! Looks like fun 🙂 And homemade pretzels…um yes please! ReplyCancel

  • Birgitte

    Loved the windy Beach shots! I am following in your footsteps it seems. This weekend i am going to Monterey ;-). ReplyCancel

  • Hi, Awesome pictures, and I love visiting places with you, places I dream of seeing 🙂 My favorite picture this time is the one with your daughter in front of the sea, that is really stunning. I love the light, the mood, the look, the closeness, everything – really beautiful <3 Wish you a happy spring and lots of Love from NorwayTriniReplyCancel

  • Bonnie

    This is such a nice post. It is great that you have parents who look for things to fix up in your house–wow. I love the images of San Francisco, especially the beach images. It looks a little chilly, but still so beautiful. ReplyCancel

  • Kelly

    Your dad sounds like my dad! In fact, I recently told the boys that my parents were coming to spend the day, and one said, “Why? What does grandpa need to fix for us?”  Looks like you did enjoy some time out and about–I LOVE the crashing waves photos.  ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen

    What beautiful blue skies for your trip to SF! You are such a fun family ~ I’m so happy that you got to spend quality family time with your parents. Love the shot of your daughter with the ocean behind her….so good.ReplyCancel