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November 10 on 10 | Dia De Los Muertos

My daughter asked me if I could take her to the Dia de los Muertos festival earlier this month.  She needed to go as part of an assignment for her Spanish class.  I knew it would be a great photo opportunity so I was excited to go. I have to say this festival is the best […]

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Connie Hanks - What a fantastic event to go to! Looks like you all had a blast :) The colors, the feathers, the costumes – seriously an amazing event to photograph and you absolutely captured it all so beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing!

Suzanne - Wow, a dream indeed – in love with all of the bright colors. Your images should be in the San Jose Mercury News!

Trini - Kristina, I am so impressed of your images and the way you celebrate your dead. It looks amazing, I can almost feel the energy and the music. In my country we don´t have any festivals like this, hopefully you will find those who live in your area and do it again next year – I would love to see the pictures 😉

Luciane Steiner - This event reminds me a lot of the mardi gras parades in Brazil, lots of costumes, colors, feathers, music and dances! Love the couple with their faces painted! Wonderful images!

Stacey Griffin - Looks like a fun outing, and you did a great job capturing the spirit of the event!

October 10 on 10 |Improving My Photography Skills

Last month I took an online class with Audrey Woulard Photography.  I’ve been following her work for the past year and love her style and use of light. Her Finding the Light-Top Three course focused on shooting in full sun, creating a “pop out” (where the background is dark) and the “blow out” (where the […]

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Kim - Wow, Kristina!
Those are amazing! Great work! I remember seeing the full-length shot of your friend on instagram and thought it looked like a magazine shot!

Trini - Wow – your portraits are awesome. I hope your family and friends feel special after you photographed them, they look beautiful. I am getting curious of your online course, really interesting.

Thank you for sharing and telling about your new passion 😉

Kind regards from Norway, Trini

Luciane - All portraits are gorgeous, you really nailed it! I specially like the pop outs, the light is gorgeous! Also love you friend’s full body portrait, looks like a fashion magazine editorial!

Kristina - Thanks so much Kim. She is gorgeous willing to “model” for me which is great!

Kristina - Thank you so much Trini! It was a great class. I totally learned some new tricks. :)

Kristina - Thanks so much. I agree, I like the pops out the best. :)

Kathleen - Wonderful portraits, I don’t think I can choose a favorite – I love them all!

Great work and I applaud your commitment to learning. And, your kids are gorgeous!

Suzanne - Looks like a very successful workshop experience! I’m surprised how much I LOVE the “pop-outs” given how partial I am to lighter images. But these are amazing, such classic portraits of your beautiful kids. You know I’ll be picking your brain… :)

Stacey Griffin - Great job getting out there and practicing new skills! Your portraits look great. Lighting can be so tricky!

Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin - These are so great. I am so impressed that you learned those skills so quickly after just one class. Wow. Did you use fill flash on the faces? I absolutely love the first three photos of your kids . . . I hope you print and frame them.

Kristina - Hi Bonnie: Thanks for your kind words. I didn’t use any flash. I actually took those images in my front doorway. :) And you know what? I did print and frame them. :)

September 10 on 10 | Wasps, Goats & A Family Photo Session

Last week I had one of my most memorable photo sessions.  It started off like a typical session…. a beautiful family, gorgeous location and everyone willing and eager to smile for my camera. Everything was going smoothly…we moved effortlessly from the hiking path to the white fence to my favorite spot, an old fallen tree down by […]

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Luciane - Wow! Such an adventure! For sure this will be an unforgettable photo session for both you and the family! And very nice from the ladies letting you use the goat as a prop! Anyway, the whole family at the fallen tree is my favorite :-)

Kathleen - Great portraits. They are a very attractive family and brave too. You did a beautiful job on these, now everyone’s going to want a goat in their family photos!

I’m glad no one was seriously hurt and that you all rallied to complete the session. Y’all are amazing.

Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin - Sounds like quite a time and it is so nice to hear about families/customers that take things in stride and have a sense of humor .. . plus you got so many beautiful portraits that I am sure they are very happy clients.